About Us


Membership in the Taylor County Historical Society is open to all interested members of the public. Citizens of Taylor County and those having family ties to this area are particularly encouraged to become members. Effective September 14, 2015, dues are $15.00 per year. Three-year memberships may be purchased for $40.00 (save $5.00), and five-year memberships may be purchased for $65.00 (save $10.00). Individuals age 80 and older may become members of the Society for free. Funds raised through memberships, donations, and sales of historical publications help keep the Society going. Membership includes these benefits:

  • Membership card
  • Convenient access to the Society’s online library of Taylor County documents and publications (coming soon)
  • Ticket for door prizes at Society events
  • Discounted tickets to special events like the Annual Awards Banquet


The Taylor County Historical Society has built up its expansive collection of local artifacts and historical documents primarily through generous donations. If you have historic photographs, documents, or other memorabilia you wish to donate, contact us at info@taylorcountyhistory.com. Keep in mind that some items may fall outside the Society’s collections policy.


The Taylor County Historical Society is governed according to by-laws set by the Board of Directors. Click here to read the by-laws.

Meeting Minutes

There are currently no meeting minutes to display. If you have a specific question about a recent Society meeting, contact us at info@taylorcountyhistory.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are questions we frequently receive about the Society and its functions.

How long has the Society been in existence, and who was responsible for founding it?

The Taylor County Historical Society was founded in 1971 with Alton H. Wentworth as its first president. The Society was formed in part to help preserve the First National Bank building at 118 E. Main Street, which was slated for destruction. After a number of prominent citizens expressed concerns about demolishing such an iconic landmark of Taylor County history and offered to help restore it, the County Commission leased the building to the newly formed Society. Over a hundred local citizens helped fund the project, and now the building serves as the Society’s museum and research center.

Can the Society help me research my family tree?

The Taylor County Historical Society is home to a significant number of books, essays, and non-published materials relating to the many families who have lived in this area over the years. The collection is not exhaustive, of course, but it’s worth a look. Drop by the Society’s Museum and Research Room one day when they’re open, or contact us at info@taylorcountyhistory.com or at (850)-584-4478 to learn more. Keep in mind that Society staff members are not able to do genealogical research for you, but they will gladly help you learn more about available resources for doing the research on your own.

What kinds of items does the Society accept as donations?

The Society’s collections policy lays out our mission as a museum and archive of Taylor County history. It also stipulates the kinds of items the Society does and does not collect. Generally speaking, the Society accepts documents, photographs, and memorabilia of enduring historical value for the people of Taylor County and the surrounding region.

What kinds of projects does the Society need help with? What qualifications do I need to help?

The Taylor County Historical Society is run completely on a volunteer basis, and it can use all the help it can get! Here are a few examples of the kinds of tasks for which volunteers are needed:

  • Scanning or photographing objects and documents in the Society’s collections
  • Cataloging the Society’s many interesting documents, books, and manuscript collections.
  • Giving tours of the Society’s varied exhibits.
  • Writing material for the Society’s blog
  • Staffing the museum and research room during the hours it is open to the public
    • Having more volunteers would allow the Society to be open more often!
  • Helping to promote the Society’s programs to other organizations, including schools, businesses, and community groups like Rotary and the Kiwanis Club.
  • Maintaining the Society’s online events calendar.
    • The system is based in WordPress, which is fairly straightforward.
  • Presenting on relevant historical topics at the Society’s monthly meetings.
    • This would be a great opportunity if you have been working on a local history topic!

There are no specific qualifications for helping out – there’s plenty of work to go around. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact us at info@taylorcountyhistory.com.